N-Methylbenzamide Cas 613-93-4

N-Methylbenzamide Cas 613-93-4 Product Information

Product Name:N-Methylbenzamide
Synonyms: N-METHYLBENZAMIDE;n-methyl-benzamid;n-methylbenzenecarboxamide;N-METHYLBENZAMIDE, 99+%;Benzamide, N-methyl- (6CI,7CI,8CI,9CI);N-MethylbenzaMide, 99+% 10GR;N-Methylbenzenamide;Benzamide, N-methyl-
CAS NO:613-93-4
Molecular Weight:135.17
Molecular Formula:C8H9NO
Boiling Point:167 °C/11 mmHg (lit.)
Melting point:76-78 °C (lit.)
Density:1.1031 (rough estimate)
Appearance:off-white crystalline solid
CategoryBuilding Blocks; Miscellaneous;

n methylbenzamide uses

N-Methylbenzamide is an important pesticide intermediate. It acts as a potent PDE10A (phosphodiesterase with a remarkable localization as the protein is abundant only in brain tissue) inhibitor.

n methylbenzamide common name/n-methylbenzamide another name

N-methylacetamide, also known as acetylmethylamine, belongs to the class of organic compounds known as carboximidic acids.

n methylbenzamide formula/n methylbenzamide structure


n methylbenzamide iupac name


n-methylbenzamide molar weight

191.274 g/mol

tag:: amide, anticancer, Chemical reagent, combustible, Inhibitor, Insoluble in water, Intermediates, off-white crystalline, Solid



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